Sports Chiropractic

For many people who are athletic or active, sports chiropractic treatment is specialized to help prevent and recover from injuries and build up strength for high-intensity performance.

75% of all athletes experience some level of back pain.
90% of all world-class athletes have been known to use chiropractors to stay healthy and fit for competition.
77% of athletic trainers have referred players to seek chiropractic treatment.

In fact, almost all professional sports teams such as those in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more have a medical staff on call that includes a chiropractor. Some athletes have chiropractors work on them before, during and after games just to ensure proper balance.

If you are active in any way, chiropractic should be a crucial part of your activities for preventing major injuries.

The advantages to seeing a sports chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor that specializes in helping athletes can have a lot of advantages

Balance – For many athletes, a sports chiropractic can help their muscles to stay in balance. A balanced body is able to maximize on potential and optimal performance while an unbalanced body can cause serious stress to muscles that leads to potential injuries.

Injury prevention – Whether your sport is high intensity and high impact or low intensity and low impact, injuries can happen. Most injuries take place slowly when a muscle has been overworked over time. If the spine is out of alignment, muscles can become overworked and lead to injuries.

Maximum performance – When the body and spine are in alignment, the human body’s ability to perform is maximized and multiplied. The body is built to place effort and explosion on multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, when a high jumper takes off, they are using multiple groups of muscles to explode into their jump. When all muscles are in congruence with the spine, muscle groups can work better together to share the load of work during a game or athletic activity.

Studies showed that athletes who visited a chiropractor showed a 30% increase in eye-hand coordination after 12 weeks of chiropractic care!

What kind of athletes should see a Chiropractor?

We serve many different kinds of sports chiropractic patients in the Tulsa area such as:

  • Bicyclists
  • Runners
  • Crossfitters
  • Rodeo & bull riders
  • Weight Lifters
  • Martial arts athletes
  • Motorcross athletes
  • Skateboarding athletes
  • Swimmers
  • Golfers
  • Tennis players
  • Softball players
  • Baseball players
  • Football players
  • Basketball players
  • Soccer players
  • Hockey players
  • Track & Field runners
  • Water sport athletes
  • All Athletes in general!

How do we treat our athletic patients?

We treat athletes a little bit different than our normal patients? Why? Because their bodies are used to lots of activity and require specialized treatments in order to withstand the workload of sports. Our chiropractic staff is trained to look at the whole body and we focus on helping our athletic patients with healing from injuries and equipping them with self-protective care.

Some of the treatments we may advise include acupuncture, sound wave therapy, specialized stretches, weight activities, biomechanics and range of motion activities, endurance and stamina activities.

EVERY athlete is different and we are very intentional to customize every therapy for each athlete’s body.

Common sports-related injuries that we treat include:

  • Sprains (ankles, shoulders, knee, back and more)
  • Groin pulls
  • Hamstring pulls
  • Shin splints
  • Knee injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar fascitis

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