Stem Cell Based Skin Care

MEND Skin Regeneration

MEND is a way of casting aside your limitations. It’s about allowing you to not just think about longevity as a number but living a healthful, joyful life as long as possible.

Some products provide visual benefits to your skin. They plump your skin, and they renew your skin. What makes your skin look better in the short term could also be harmful to your skin in the long term. MEND promotes skin health from the inside out and supports skin function for the long term. Your skin not only looks better but can actually be healthier.

MEND’s team of renowned cell and gene therapy research scientists and clinicians have developed a skin care line that works to recover, restore and regenerate your skin’s youthful appearance.

Behind the Skin Technology

Our stem cell-based skin care system was developed by our world-renowned cell and gene therapy scientists and combines cutting-edge stem cell technology with carefully selected natural ingredients, providing you with a rejuvenating (regenerative) experience that transcends time.

As you gently apply the serum and hydrating cream, Mend’s advanced formula goes to work, delivering a surge of hydration and nourishment to your skin. This potent formula delivers specific peptide complexes that signal young skin regeneration, promoting a more youthful appearance and healthier, younger skin.

Experience the transformation as fine lines and wrinkles literally vanish, revealing a smoother, firmer complexion. Your skin will radiate with a natural glow, as if untouched by the passage of time.

Our proprietary technology works harmoniously with your skin, encouraging the renewal process from within. With every application, you’re embracing the future of skincare and achieving lifelong younger healthier skin.