ChiroThin Weight Loss & Contouring

Start Losing Weight!

Are you ready to change your appearance for good? ChiroThin is a life-changing program to help you manage weight loss. Using a combination of red light therapy, health and diet coaching, a fitness app, and weight loss weigh-ins, we are here to help you get the body you've always wanted. Our proven system will help you cut down your carbs, reduce body fat, track your fat loss over time and help you stay on track using our Trifecta Light and ChiroThin program.

How does weight loss happen?

Weight gain begins when you consume high glycemic carbohydrates which causes high blood glucose levels... This in turn alarms the pancreas to secrete excess insulin which tells your body to store excess glucose as fat and results in lowered blood sugar levels that turn into hypoglycemia. In a nut shell, this cycle repeats itself until your body is stuck in weight gain and fat storage mode. Food with high starches (also high in glycemic carbohydrates) and sugars are usually the culprits: pasta, bread, cereal, bagels, pastry, cake, chip, and cookies. In addition to poor diet, stress and lack of sleep can also contribute to weight gain.

Weight loss occurs when your body loses or spends more calories than it takes in. And in some conditions, this is when your body enters ketosis or a natural fat burning cycle. Most often, weight loss is a combination of good diet, adequate activity (to burn fat and calories), and specialty treatments to attack your fat (such as red light therapy). In addition to our red light therapy treatments on your body and areas of fat, our team will help you reset your diet and make recommendations on the foods that can help to combat inflammation and increase your metabolism. We'll also have bi-weekly or weekly check in visits to weigh and measure your fat loss. We measure weight loss success with our body composition analyzer tool. It will measure your body using 7 different ways, including body fat percentage, visceral fat reading, and biological age reading. You'll also have an amazing phone app so you can keep track of your diet, weight, and other factors.

How does red light therapy work?

The Trifecta light is a red light therapy technology that uses low laser wave lengths to stimulate your body at the cellular level. The red light exposure helps to produce a positive biochemical effect in your cells which strengthens the mitochondria and increases your body's transportation of electrons, oxygen consumption, increase of collagen, and your levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). There are tons of benefits to using red light therapy including weight loss, treatment for skin issues, reduced inflammation, repair of muscle tissue, and promotion of healthy aging. In combination with red light therapy, our program also uses technology and tools to measure your weight loss so we can track your body's reaction to a new diet and our red light therapy.