Common Myths about Back and Neck Pain

Common Myths about Back and Neck Pain

Making sure you have credible information in regards to back and neck pain is essential to improving your chances for recovery.

With this in mind, allow us to clear up some common myths about neck pain and back pain:

Myth 1: Rest is the best way to treat my pain

Reality: A short period of bed rest may reduce acute neck or back pain, but it is typically advised to limit this period to no more than two days. Any longer and you run the risk of actually increasing your pain.

Additionally, long-term bed rest or extended periods of physical inactivity lead to muscle stiffness and atrophy. This can result in a frustrating cycle, wherein inactivity increases your pain; and increased pain encourages inactivity.

For most back and neck conditions, physicians recommend a long-term rehabilitation program that includes physical therapy and active exercise.

Chronic back pain

Myth 2: Your spine is fragile and easily injured

Reality: The surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments provide a great deal of strength, flexibility, and support for your spine.

While there are some exceptions (such as an unstable spinal fracture), keeping your spine healthy requires proper conditioning, including daily stretching, muscle strengthening, and aerobic exercises—even when you have a spinal disorder.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your spine is indestructible. Activities that can harm your spine include both poor posture and body mechanics (e.g. improper lifting technique). Additionally, other lifestyle choices like smoking, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition can negatively affect your spine.

However, you typically don’t need to worry that your spine is too fragile to engage in spine-friendly exercises.

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