The Top 20 Causes of Car Accidents!

The Top 20 Causes of Car Accidents!

If you’ve ever experienced a car accident, you know that they happen when you least expect it. They occur in the blink of an eye and many times, much faster than you can react to prevent it.

Car accidents have many causes, but researchers have pinpointed the top 20 causes. Read below to learn about these 20 causes:

The Causes

Distracted Driving – Texting, watching video, looking at GPS, changing the radio, taking a phone call, looking at your passengers. All of these “distractions” have caused major accidents due to the drivers awareness being taken away from the road.

Speeding – Ignoring speed zones and going to fast to be able to slow down in time to avoid a hazard on the road.

Drunk Driving – Driving in a car for a short period after having a few drinks may seem harmless, but even the slightest bit of alcohol can impact your ability to react and make smart decisions on the road.

Reckless Driving – Driving off-road, taking corners too fast, drag racing or even gunning it at the stop light can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Rain – Many times, the oil from the asphalt or payment mixed with just a few drops of rain can cause slippery surfaces. In addition, torrential downpour can limit visibility and cause hydroplaning.

Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs – Drugs and methamphetamines can cause serious impairment to the human brain’s ability to reason. Do not take any medications of any kind and drive without the consent and recommendation of a medical doctor.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs – Many drivers are in a hurry to get somewhere and choose to “stretch” the limit of a red light. Some also ignore or completely miss stop signs altogether, leaving them vulnerable to oncoming traffic.

Teenage/New Drivers – Young drivers are not confident and are still learning the laws of the road. Many times, immature drivers are the cause of simple auto accidents because they are still learning how to operate their vehicle.

Night Driving – If you have poor headlights, you have poor visibility. Many drivers experience car accidents at night because they cannot see correctly or because they are not visible to other drivers.

Young man feeling tired and yawning while driving a car

Unsafe Lane Changes – Turning a blinker on is often an after-thought. To many drivers get comfortable with switching lanes without thinking and assuming the lane is clear from the last time they checked.

Improper Turns – U-turns, crossing lanes to turn, and perhaps even sharp turns without braking or signaling properly can cause rear ends and other kinds of preventable car accidents.

Tailgating – Too many drivers have the bad habit of driving too close to the car ahead of them. Thus, not giving themselves enough time to break or avoid an obstacle in the road.

Ice and Snow – Slick driving surfaces can seriously limit a driver’s ability to brake and turn. Many accidents occur in snowy and icy conditions.

Road Rage – Ever been cut off? Many drivers take their anger to the next level by returning the favor or trying to make a point. Never let your emotions drive your vehicle.

Potholes – Cracks in the payment can get bigger over time until they are large holes. Many times, if left untreated, these can turn into huge problems for cars going at a high rate of speed.

Drowsy Driving – Driving late at night, early in the morning, or for long distances can cause driver fatigue. Many drivers fall asleep at the wheel when they should take breaks or perhaps let someone else drive.

Tire Blowouts – Hitting a pothole or running over a sharp object can cause tires to malfunction or perhaps even blow out. This causes the car to swerve unexpectedly and can cause serious accidents.

Design Defects – Poor brakes, windshields shattering, and poor engine mechanics are just a few of many defects that can contribute to an accident.

Animal Crossings – Pets, Deer, and other animals that run across the road can cause serious damage to a vehicle or cause drivers to veer off the road in order to avoid hitting them.

How To Treat An Accident Victim

If you or a loved one has experienced a Tulsa car accident, you should not blow it off as a simple pain or small injury. Many small accidents can cause serious trauma to the body through whiplash and other factors. You may not even realize the effect of your injury until a doctor can examine your body for abnormalities.

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